Do You Need A Tattoo In Cardiff?

Do You Need A Tattoo In Cardiff?

Tattoos, contrary to popular belief, actually go back thousands of years and are found all over the world. There are so many different types and innumerable designs with each design carrying some meaning or the other. Tattoos can be broadly classified into six distinct types.

Traumatic Tattoos

These are etched involuntarily either through accident or through some deliberate force. For instance, in an accident if a person is thrown forcefully onto the road resulting in flesh wounds, the asphalt could get rubbed into the wounds and stay there permanently. Another example would be getting stabbed with a pencil or pen where the graphite or ink could get deep under the skin. Gun powder and coal dust getting into open wounds are a few other examples of tattoos through trauma.

Professional Tattoos

These are those that are created by an experienced artist who is not only skilled in the art of tattooing but is also familiar with the rich history of tattoos and understands the meanings behind each design.

Black and Grey Tattoo

Identification Tattoos

A classic example of tattoos being used as an identification mark would be the Maori tattoos. It was the custom of Maori people to get a mark on their face and head at different stages in their life to commemorate any important events or milestones. Looking at a Maori, you could get a wealth of information on the person’s ancestral history, family background, current rank and status in society, and also personal accomplishments and skills.

Cosmetic Tattoos

This is a fairly recent trend and are created by artists as a purely cosmetic adornment. These tattoos, in most cases, do enhance the beauty of the person or of a specific body part. A few favourite spots are just above the butt and also around the navel.

Religious Tattoos

It is only Hinduism that actually encourages people to get themselves marked with indelible ink. Although Christianity has no real objection, it is not looked upon very favourably. It is strictly a no-no in Judaism and Islam, and Mormonism does not ‘allow’ tattoos. In spite of restrictions placed by religious institutions, people still go ahead and get the design they want to advertise their religious affiliation.

Kickass Custom Tattoo Design

Therapeutic Tattoos

Tattoos being used for remedial purposes dates back thousands of years. In 1991, Otzi, the ‘Ice Man’ was unearthed on the Austrian border. His well preserved body has been carbon dated to 3300 BC. Experts strongly believe that the 57 tattoos found on Otzi’s body were placed there to relieve him of aching joints and body pain. Similarly, Egyptian female mummies were found to have several permanent marks on their abdomen and upper thighs pointing to some form of protection during confinement and childbirth.

Combination Tattoos

Combination Tattoos, as the name implies, involve designs that are being prepared by mixing several different designs, forms and shapes. Compared to other types of designs, they are much more impressive as they comprise of various different images, shapes and designs.

Another great example of combination to make you stand out is by combining Handmade Jewellery with your tattoo.

Pledges Tattoos

Pledge Tattoos are quite inexpensive than other designs and more commonly used in western society. They contain heart shapes, anchors, quotes and names. They are not as popular as other designs but still they are best for a person who wants to make a dedication or statement to an occasion.

Globalisation has brought with it considerable inter-cultural influences and a particular design can no longer be pigeon-holed into being a particular type of tattoo or carrying a specific meaning especially in the cities of the world.

With all these brilliant different varieties of tattoos available all you need now is the perfect tattooist! Raging Swan Tattoo Studio in Cardiff is our place of choice and we regularly make the trip down to Rumney to see Dom and Amy in action. There prices are extremely reasonable and the work speaks for itself.

What Makes Unique Jewellery?

What makes unique jewellery? 

Who does not want unique jewellery dangling over their necks or on their fingers? Everybody would want that but the question is what constitutes that uniqueness. You do not have to spend an arm and leg to have an outstanding ring or bracelet. A simple jewel would make you the talk of your town if at all it is unique. You might have seen someone with a basic trinket but one that you would have given all to have.

Well, but what really makes unique jewellery? It is not the money you will spend on it but rather the exclusiveness in every attribute. Here are the simple attributes that will make a jewel unique regardless of the price and complexity;

unique jewellery for you

Choice of design

You can have your ornament designed to a unique shape. For instance, you could have your ring with 6 corners to form a hexagon (never seen many in this shape). That will be different from the common place round bands that everyone has on their fingers. Go wild with the shape of your piece and you will see how different it will be from the rest.

Material used

It is known that gold, tungsten, titanium, silver and the likes are the best materials to make worth-to-see jewellery. There is no much debate about that. But here the emphasis is on uniqueness. Forget about these luxurious metals and go for something simple yet out of the ordinary. You could use polymer clay or exquisite beads and you will have what everyone out there wishes to have. Nobody said that the more you spend on your ring makes it attractively different.


You are unique from everyone. Making your jewels resonate with your taste and personality will be one way to make you exclusive and matchless. Your ring, bracelet, necklace and what a few could be customised to perfectly display your persona. Something as simple as choice of colour will make a strong statement of uniqueness and it all comes to you effortlessly. If you are a guy, you will be what other guys would wish to be. For the ladies, you will be the envy of your friends and the attraction of every man.

seriously cool jewellery

Added decorations

You can have all you want on your piece of jewel. Appropriate decors will make your piece not only attractive but also outstanding. Add a flower you love on it or an animal you admire. You can also have the name of someone you love engraved on it. For a colourful appearance, you could go for a neon rope bracelet. Not many people have this on them and you will for sure get a few questions about where you got yours from. Make sure that your choice of decorations is not what every other guy would think of. Go for something bold and you will be the one to beat.

Having similar jewellery to the next guy is somehow not ‘cool’. You can have a distinct piece if you make a good choice. Let your trinket say something about your personality and not going with the bandwagon of buying expensive jewellery

A stunning example of some brilliant unique jewellery is Lonely Moon ( ) They stock a wide variety of quirky and unique necklaces, bracelets, rings, homeware and plenty more. We fell in love with their website and their beautiful range of stock!